There were many highlights during the 9 day experience.

A communion service at Iglesia Ciinco Esquinas in San Jose was celebrated with The Rev Pat Murphy of Mahomet ,Il  at Table with the church's pastor, the Rev Johnny Sabario.

We spent two very rewarding tourist days, at the Tarcoles River and Pax Park and waterfalls.

The group visited with three San Jose churches: Cinco Esquinas, Leon Trece, and Oikos.

We engaged in conversations with four American Baptist International Missionaries Global partners: Sue Hagerty, Ruth Vindas and Sara and Peter McCurdy.

GRR in Costa Rica5 nights of the trip were spent at Baptist Camp Ochomogo. Visiting this camp brought back memories of 1990s when 10 groups from the GRR shared in construction of the camp.

Partnership projects currently included complete interior and exterior redecoration the Camp Ochomogo Lodge, exterior paint for the Bruns Cabin,  and assisting contractors as they replaced the roof and some of the roof structure on the Kokomo Cabin.  Group members  provided $8,000 for paint and paint supplies and for the roof of the Kokomo Cabin.

For information regarding future plans for the Costa Rica partnership please feel free to contact Dr Grisham.