Spotlight 4:

There has been a need for an English-speaking congregation in the city of Kinshasa, with a population of over 10 million people.  While there are many churches in Congo in local languages, there was felt need for a place of worship for English speaking families.  Today there are approximately 5000-10,000 expat English speakers from over 100 organizations from English speaking countries around the world.  In the International Protestant church, there are approximately 35 countries represented from around the world. 

Jill and Mike LoweryThe building project is under way under the direction of our missionaries Michael and Jill Lowery.  The land was given to the church and the project was begun in 2014.  It is hoped that the building can be completed in the next year.  Our gift to them will help them to go ahead and finish the final phase of the project.  Be praying for them as they help to meet the needs of people who are involved in projects and ministries of all kinds in the city of Kinshasa.  Especially keep Michael and Jill in your prayers.

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