Outrageous Generosity Planting Churches the Dominican

Vital and Ketly PierreThere is a need to plant 5 new churches in the Dominican Republic and to also help construct a community center.  The total cost for these projects will be around $78,000 for the first year.  We have sent them $50,000.00 to help them get started on the first year.  These projects will be under the supervision of our missionaries there, Vital and Ketly Pierre.  This will help meet the needs of both Dominicans and Haitian immigrants who have come into the area.  The largest group of people served will be children.  An example of the costs for the church plant in Boca Chica includes $5,000 for construction of their building, and $2,400 for a stipend and transportation for the pastor.  As you can tell, they aren’t being overpaid.  Please keep Vital and Ketly, and the five new church plants, in your prayers during the coming year.  More people will come to know and love Jesus because of our giving to this vital work.  Praise Jesus!!!!!!

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