Spotlight 7:
Companion With The Poor, Cebu Expansion

Paul Rollet in the PhilippinesThis project is also very dear to our hearts because of one of our own, Paul Rollet, who is working with this mission group. They will be planting churches around Manila, Philippines in the community of Cebu. The funds will support two missionary families, team leaders, and ministry partners in Manila as they seek to lead and train all of those involved. Another portion of the funds sent will help CWTP, (Companions With The Poor) finish their headquarters building and training facility. This has been put off for some time and with these funds they will finally be able to do it.

An added blessing happened in the process of all of this. Just after we sent the funds, Paul was badly injured in a fall and needed some cash to be able to pay for the medical costs right away. Since we had just sent the money, they had extra cash in the bank and were able to loan money to the Rollets so that Paul could get the work done right away.

Paul has been home in Chatham recovering for the past few months, but is anxious to get back with his mission partners. His recovery is going well and he should be headed back to Manila this fall. Keep praying for him and for CWTP. We are so thankful that we can be a part of this important ministry in God’s Kingdom.

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