Spotlight 3:
Song Sawang Church Expansion, Bangkok, Thailand

Song Sawang church needs to find a new location that would belong to the church and would be close to where many of the present members live. They also need to make sure that they are located close to the heart of Bangkok where the Nightlight ministry is located. They actually want to plant three churches, with one of them being in the Nightlight area.

DieselbergsThis project us under the direction of Jeff Dieselberg and his vision is to continue reaching out to the people of the city, while other groups seem to be moving out. The total needed over two years is around $200,000, and we are giving $50,000 to the ministry. Be praying for them as they continue to follow God and do His work in the fast growing area. We are blessed to be a part of this crucial ministry to seek and save the lost in the Bangkok area

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