Costa Rica Mission Discovery:
October 28 - November 5, 2019

Federation Associations Baptist Costa Rica.  

  • 9 days, 8 nights including travel. 
  • Group of 8 - 24. 
  • Cost: $2,000 which includes $250 as an  offering for yet to be determined project.
  • Application and $750 deposit by July 31, 2019.
  • Participants will meet IM Global partners including Ruth Vindas, Sue Hagerty and Sarah and Peter Mc Curdy. The will be opportunity to meet, Federation leaders and pastors, and visit churches and  FABCR  Ministry settings including Baptist Camp Ochomogo, The Biblical University, and  the Federation office building
  • Attend  monthly meeting  and luncheon of FABCR pastors . (COMBAFE.)
  • Visit location of planned partnership work projects for 2020.
  • Visit Limon Area Churches on the Caribbean  including FBC of Costa Rica in Limon.
  • Participants will learn of opportunities for support of IM global partners , capital needs of FABCR , and of possibilities for future partnership projects.

Costa Rica.  Ministers Partnership Work Project. February 3 - 11, 2020

  • 9 days, 8 nights including travel.
  • Cost $2,000 including airfare and a $500 investment in the work project.
  • Application and $750 deposit by November 15, ,2019. Group of 6 - 10
  • Open to Clergy of all ages who want to share in a “Hands on Project’.
  • Construction of Concrete block security wall as supervised by a Costa Rican contractor.
  • 5 night stay and meals in a former Pastoral House,  now the  hospitality house, of a church 20 minutes from the partnership work project.
  • Attend monthly meeting and luncheon  of COMBAFE , the FABCR pastors group
  • Saturday visits to FABCR building  and churches .
  • Sunday worship with a FABCR Congregation
  • Participants will meet IM Global partners including Ruth Vindas, Sue Hagerty, and Sarah and
    Peter Mc Curdy.
  • Downtown San Jose hotel for one night with free time to visit   Cultural and shopping sites.
  • Tourist outing and resort overnight

Costa Rica Partnership
Information Points

  • Through American Baptist international Ministries    the ABCGRR  partnership with Baptist Churches in Costa Rica began in 1985.
  • The Great Rivers Region has been in Covenant  Mission Partnership  with Federation Associations Bautista Costa Rica (FABCR) since  2002.
  • The Baptist  Federation of Costa Rica  is an Association of 25 Congregations and 10 Mission churches.
  • Eight FABCR  Mission Churches  are sponsored by individual  Congregations and two  Mission churches are sponsored by the Federation.
  • The scope of the  Federation includes  an Office /Ministry Center, The Baptist Seminary , The Caribe Baptist Seminary and  Baptist Camp Ochomogo.
  • American Baptist international Ministries Global Partners  serving   in Costa Rica are Sue Hegarty, Ruth Vindas and Sarah and Peter McCurdy.
  • Since 2012,   10 GRR  groups have joined in partnership with the FABCR  to serve 7 Congregations in Costa Rica.


Rev. Dr. John Wm  Grisham  served  the Great Rivers Region as Minister of Mission Support and Institutional Support  for 20 years   (1988-2008 ) and as  Area Resource  Minister for 5 years prior to retirement in 2013.   He formerly served the Warrenville, Illinois   Community Baptist Church and the Alton, Illinois  Upper Alton Baptist Church before joining the Great Rivers Region Staff.
He has serve the Great Rivers Region  as  Liaison for the Costa  Rica / Great Rivers Region partnership since 2009  and  has served as  since 2016 as volunteer   Assistant to  Dr.  Adalia Gutierriz  the ABCUSA International Ministries  Area Director   for  Central America