Outrageous Generosity: Church Planting Overseas….short form.
By a unanimous vote of our 2016 Regional Ministry Board, we just sent over $354,000 to help plant churches overseas.

How will that investment be used?  Here is a short version.

  1.  We sent a little over $50,000 to India to help plant churches and to help train and equip leaders, under the guidance of Katie and Taku Longkumer.
  2.  We sent $50,000 to Iboeamerica to help plant 6 new churches.
  3. We sent $50,000 to Thailand to help Jeff Dieselberg plant a church in the heart of Bangkok, Thailand, close to where NightLight International is. 
  4. We sent $50,000 to help build a new church in Kinshasa, Congo, a city of over ten million people.  The Lowerys will be giving guidance to this project.
  5. We are sending a little over $64,000 to be used to help in projects in Sudan, under the guidance of Dr. Dan Chetti. 
  6. We are sending $30,000 to Hungary to help support a new church planter for 3 years.
  7. We are sending $60,000 to a group called CWTP, Companions With The Poor, to help plant 5 churches in areas that no one else wants to plant.  This group does that, and they have been successful.  They are planting churches in the poorest areas of Manilla, Philippines, around the vast garbage dumps.  Paul Rollet, a part time missionary with IM, and a local Springfield area young adventurer, will be our contact with this group.

That money could have sat in our accounts until we decided to plant a church in this area, but we decided that some of it should be used right away where it was needed.  We still have a good amount of money to use for planting churches here.  Be praying about that challenge.  In the meantime, many people will be hearing of the love of Jesus for the first time because of this life-changing investment.  I will be praying for each of these projects and waiting with excitement to hear the reports.

The above is also available as a pdf download/printable document.