Concerned About Your Security and Safety?

The internet has made possible many tools that can be used in strengthening your faith and ministries. However, be safe and secure when you surf the web, use faceBook and other social media, e-mail, text, etc.

Be Alert

In the first of a series of articles, Richard Ricks (web master for the sites of the ABC GRR) lists dangers "out there" that our users will encounter, if they have not yet done so. Follow up articles will be found on the "tech" section of this site.

Be Aware

In this forthcoming article, Richard will introduce issues that may be cause of concern or motivate caution in your use of the internet's offerings.

Choose Health

What does your use of the internet have to do with your health? From insomnia, to possible cancers, to wreckless driving, to effects on children's mental and social development...use of digital technologies accelerates while understanding consequences can't move fast enough. Where can I find some answers if not the questions?

Using the Internet in Ministry Is a Community Experience

Healthy relationships grow with healthy boundaries within one's self and with others. How do my practices online and with tech instruments bless relationships? How might they have unintended harmful consequences?