Churches may license individuals for a variety of reasons. For example, licensure may affirm a specialized kind of ministry (home visitation, children’s ministry, etc) or be part of sending a student to seminary.

However, the Great Rivers Region does not treat licensure as a necessary pre-requisite for ordination. Likewise, there are circumstances in which a “commission” rather than an ordination or license may be appropriate (e.g., a short-term mission trip).



  1. The candidate makes known the desire to be licensed to the pastor and the appropriate committee of the church where personal membership is held. The candidate will then be interviewed to determine eligibility for licensing.
  2. The church then requests the Area Committee on Ministry to meet with the candidate.
  3. Upon the recommendation of the Area Committee on Ministry and the affirmative voted of the local church, recognition as a Licensed Candidate for Ordination shall be granted to the candidate.
  4. The local church shall notify COMSAO of its action.