MMBB Cares Offers Counseling and Coaching to Clergy

NEW YORK, NY (ABNS 5/8/24)—There is a clergy mental health crisis that experts say can no longer be ignored. Not only do studies show a 20 percent drop in clergy job satisfaction, but a 400 percent increase in the risk of burnout from 2015 to 2022. 1

The reason behind the crisis is complex, but more and more clergy are reporting that they’re exhausted, with many considering leaving the profession. With that in mind, MMBB is offering a helping hand to ministers who may feel overwhelmed, have marital or family issues or want vocational development.

“We understand that being in ministry can be stressful, and often, compounded by financial concerns, burnout, and family concerns. We also know the importance of professional development,” explains Rev. Earl Thorpe, MMBB Financial Wellness Program Director. “That’s why we are excited about MMBB Cares.”

MMBB Cares, which launched this past March, is an initiative for clergy and their families to receive mental health and vocational wellness resources they need to effectively minister to their religious communities. “Too often those who need support the most are the ones who struggle to ask for help,“ Rev. Thorpe continues, “The goal of this program is to remove obstacles to counseling and coaching, and to provide clergy with the resources they need to thrive in ministry and beyond!”

MMBB Cares has partnered with the National Employee Assistance Program (NEAP) to deliver confidential, effective mental health counseling services. The partners who provide coaching services to participants are the Center for Career Development and Ministry and the Ministry Development Network.

Also, MMBB Cares counseling and coaching services are provided at no cost to clergy who register for them.

MMBB Cares serves clergy so they can serve others. Visit for more information or to register for the program.


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