Women’s Ministry for Small Churches Conference

January 27, 2024

The women I know in small churches work really hard. They serve in multiple ministry areas and help wherever they can. 

When it comes to a women’s ministry that could be helping women feel seen, supported, and growing deeper in Jesus, common struggles come up like:

*Having just a few women keeping it all going

*Programs that feel stagnant

*Low attendance

*Lots of ideas but not too many willing to help

*Not knowing how to get younger women excited to come too

The truth is, a great women’s ministry in a small church doesn’t “just happen.”

That’s why I’m so excited to tell you about the Women’s Ministry for Small Churches Conference.

It’s designed specifically for small churches with solutions to help women’s ministries create deeper faith, authentic community, healthy leadership, and effective outreach!

The best part? It’s totally ONLINE and totally FREE to attend!

You can learn all about the conference at https://smallchurchsummits.com/ , but here’s a quick peek:

This live online event happens Saturday, January 27, 2024

24+ women’s leaders in small churches are ready to pour into you with breakout sessions, discussion panels, interviews, networking, and more

The live conference is FREE! No travel costs & no hidden fees for a full day of learning from experts, networking with others in small churches, and solutions to your specific challenges.

Check out the deal on lifetime replays and bonus resources for ongoing support beyond the event. (Grab it as soon as you register for the very best price!)

There are tons more I’d love to tell you, but I’ll let you check out all the details for yourself. 

Go to https://smallchurchsummits.com/ to grab your FREE ticket to the Women’s Ministry for Small Churches Conference. More conference info will arrive in your inbox as soon as you register!

I’m excited to be part of it. I hope you’ll join me!

See you soon!

Rachael Swihart

Open Door Community Church
1705 6th Ave., Sterling, IL 61081
Office (815) 625-1288

Click here https://smallchurchsummits.com/

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